Thursday, 1 November 2012


Dont have a money for good plugs like iridium? here is the alternative solution for you sp side gapping.
Side gapping spark plugs has been use in racing for years to increase horsepower by unshrouding the spark thus allowing the flame created to propagate faster resulting in a more complete burning of the fuel/air mix. Many manufacturers offer plugs deemed racing plugs
 that are side gapped but at inflated costs. By doing it yourself you can use a cheap .99 cent plug to save money and increase horsepower.

STEP 1: Using a dremel with a cutoff wheel or a hacksaw you will need to cut the ground electrode even with the edge of the center electrode. You need to be careful not to hit the center electrode or the porcelain.

STEP 2: Next you will need to use a file to remove any burrs left from cutting the ground electrode. If this step is not done the burrs could heat up until they glow red hot causing detonation. After the burrs are removed you will want to use some alcohol or starting fluid to thoroughly clean the plug to make sure there are no metal filings left.

STEP 3: After all the burrs are removed you must set the gap. To do this you will need to find the manufactures setting for your vehicle and reduce that by 0.010". Example: manufacture setting 0.035" - 0.010" = 0.025". Then using a feeler gauge of the correct thickness insert it at a 45* angle to check and adjust as necessary until the gap is correctly set.

Now your ordinary plug is set for quality burning which will increase your engine's hp (though it will not replace the racing cdi) and most importantly fuel efficiency. . ride safe guys " ADMIN JKBLUE "
Credits to the Original Author Bennelson.

Modified Yamaha Lagenda 115

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Yamaha Lagenda 115 ZR

Introducing The New Lagenda 115Z …

The new Lagenda 115Z is designed as a Sporty Premium moped and comes with an all new body design that projects a sense of richness and premium quality.

The all new 115 cc engine promises a new riding experience. It incorporates the latest technology and innovations throughout the engine and chassis and offers a high quality ride plus loads of premium features that heightens your convenience.

The new Lagenda 115Z is a joy to ride



  • Overall length x width x height 
        1.910mm x 675 x 1,040 mm

  • Seat Height 
         760 mm
  • Wheel base 
         1,230 mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance 
         130 mm
  • Dry weight/ Curb weight 
          97 / 102 kg
  • Engine oil capacity 
          1.0 litre
  • Fuel tank capacity 
          4.2 litre
  • Transmission 
           Constant mesh 4 forward speed rotary
  • Brake front / rear 
           Hydraulic, single disc (z) / Drum

Lagenda 115z 2012

New Colour and Striping Yamaha Lagenda 115Z 2012 price, specifications, review, exhausts, engine, transmissions, chassis, suspensions, brakes, tyres and wheels with blue, green, red, white and black colours.

2012 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z Specifications:

Engine and Transmissions
Engine Type : 4 Stroke, 2 Valve SOHC, Air Cooled
Stroke Diameter : 50,0 x 57,9 mm
Cylinder Volume : 113 cc
Cylinder Arrangement : Single Cylinder
Compression Ratio : 9,3 : 1
Power Max : 6,6 kW / 7.500 rpm
Torsi Max : 9,0 Nm / 4.000 rpm
Ignition : DC C.D.I.
Oil System : Wet
Oil Engine : 800cc (Cont) | 1.000 cc (Total)
Carburetor : (MIKUNI) VM17SH x 1
Transmission : ROTARY 4 Speed type (N-1-2-3-4-N)
Clutch : Wet, Double clutch centrifugal
Starter System : Electric Starter & Kick Starter

Chassis, Suspensions, Brakes, Tyres and Wheels
Frame : Underbone steel pipe
Front Suspension : Telescopic
Rear Suspension : Lengan Ayun, Suspensi Ganda
Front Brake : Cakram
Rear Brake : Tromol
Front Tyre : 70/90 – 17M/C 38P
Rear Tyre : 80/90 – 17M/C 44P
Battery : YTZ5S (MF Battery)
Spark plug : C6HSA (NGK) / U20FS-U (DENSO)
Length x Width x Height : 1.930 mm x 680 mm x1.065 mm
Seat Height : 765 mm
Wheel distance : 1.235 mm
Ground distance : 150 mm
Tank capacity : 4,2 Liter
Full weight : 102 Kg